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Western Conference Fantasy Basketball Notes: Week 10

We have the Western Conference information for your fantasy basketball needs! Check out what’s going down for Week 10!



The NBA is a fast-paced league where trends can switch as quickly as a lightbulb. Keeping up to date with these trends is vital to your success in fantasy basketball. We’ll be looking at the expected top performers, sneaky options, injuries updates, rookie trends, individual team schedules, and some other points for the Western Conference. The key to winning this week? Look no further than this article. We here at Nerd Fantasy Sports got you covered.

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Sleepers to Wake Up

Mike Muscala, C, Oklahoma City Thunder
At age 29, Mike Muscala is having his best season. With the offseason signing of Al Horford, Muscala finds himself with less playing time: Which he’s used to at this point, as he has just 30 career starts (none of them this season), in eight seasons spent in the league. Mike has shown that he is capable of having big games, as he recently scored 21 points and three rebounds. Aside from that, he is a big contributor to wins, as his role varies from game to game. Most recently against the Bucks, Muscala put up a disappointing seven points, but brought down seven rebounds. He even provided his teammates with seven assists in OKC’s overtime loss to the Lakers. Rostered just 1.6% in ESPN Fantasy, there’s no rush to pick up Mike Muscala. However, he is still worth keeping an eye on, in case a big injury occurs higher in the depth chart.

Marcus Morris Sr, SF, Los Angeles Clippers
Marcus Morris Sr was traded from the Knicks to the Clippers in a three team trade involving the Wizards, which also sent Isiah Thomas to the Clippers. Marcus has been pretty solid this season too, given the fact that he only has two starts this season, and sits behind All-Star Kawhi Leonard. Recently, Marcus has been pretty consistent in terms of point scoring. He currently averages 13.4 points, and four rebounds per game. However, Morris Sr averages 15.9 points and 4.5 points per game in the month of February. In fact, he is ranked third in scoring within the Clippers roster, only behind All-Stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Rostered at 26.3%, Marcus’ fantasy value is quickly being realized. This pickup is somewhat urgent, as fantasy managers are scrambling to pick up Morris. Regardless of whether or not you’re missing a forward, Marcus Morris Sr will help you win your fantasy match-ups.

Dario Saric, PF, Phoenix Suns
Dario Saric has followed the route of many Eastern European basketball players who aspire to be in the NBA: He played for multiple Croatian clubs before spending two years in Turkey, and was finally drafted in the first round of the 2014 draft. Unfortunately, Saric missed one month due to an ankle sprain this season. Yet Dario’s return has been promising, as he averages 10.8 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 1.2 assists in the past five games. In his most recent performance, the Croatian scored an impressive 19 points for his side in Phoenix’s thrashing of the Memphis Grizzlies (128-97). If Dario Saric can keep it up, he will become a fantasy asset, and the trends show that this is likely. Rostered only 3.4% in ESPN fantasy, there is absolutely no rush to pick him up. However, Dario Saric will no longer be available in your league at some point, so fantasy managers should look to pick him up sooner or later.

Rookies Doing Work

Anthony Edwards, SG, Minnesota Timberwolves
After this week’s monster dunk against the Raptors, we have to talk about Anthony Edwards. At this point, Edward’s proven himself as the right choice as the number one overall pick in the draft. And at this point, he’s proven himself worthy of a spot in your fantasy lineup too. Anthony averages 14.3 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game, shoots a solid 30.6% from outside the arc, and shoots 37.8% overall. He can shoot well, he can distribute assists, and he can bring down rebounds in abundance. What can’t this rookie do? It’s certainly not Edward’s fault that his team has only seven wins (aside from one missed potential game winning shot). Anthony Edwards will only grow from this point on, and has already solidified himself as a top fantasy asset.

Facundo Campazzo, PG, Denver Nuggets
The Argentinian declared for the NBA draft in 2013, but unfortunately went undrafted. But just after a few seasons playing in Spain, the Denver Nuggets liked what they saw in Facundo Campazzo, and signed him to a multi year contract. The 29 year old rookie was given his first real shot in the big leagues on February 14, when he scored 15 points, four assists, and one rebound. The Nuggets must have been pleasantly surprised that they found a diamond in the rough, as Facundo averaged 13.5 points, four assists, and 1.8 rebounds per game in his last four match-ups. Campazzo was given this playing time due to multiple injuries in multiple players who are higher than him in the depth chart, but now that Denver knows what they’re working with, there is no doubt that he will become more involved, even after the returns from injury. Just to be safe, you should pick up Facundo Campazzo, as he will only get better as the season progresses, and is set to climb the depth chart of the Denver Nuggets.

Question of the Week

Why are there no chants in NBA games?
Aside from the “Let’s go (enter team name), let’s go”, there really aren’t chants in the NBA. You only really hear yelling and screaming in games, and it’s very unorganized. So why don’t they have chants? There are multiple reasons why this is the case. One thing to think about in the NBA is how fast things happen. It is extremely rare for any NBA athlete to spend his entire career on a single team, which makes it difficult to write songs about them. Another thing to think about is how fans behave during American sports games overall: No one is really chanting, singing specific lyrics related to the game and the teams involved. It’s really just who can yell louder, while the cheering is much more organized in the rest of the world, with lyrics written about different players, coaches, and their opponents. It’s time for the United States to adopt this culture, because this is an aspect of the sports world that truly unites the fans.

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