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The Top Three Inconsistent RBs

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of inconsistency, read this article… and check out the SPECIAL OFFER at the end of it!



Full disclosure: I love consistency. In my opinion, the ability to perform in a dependable manner is an undervalued skill– most fantasy football players never take consistency into account when drafting, and it usually ends up biting them in the butt during the season. So to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with inconsistency, read this article… and check out the SPECIAL OFFER at the end of it!

I wrote an article on this subject, but I decided to take a look at the subject from a different perspective: who are the least consistent players? Players that you wouldn’t necessarily think were inconsistent, but who actually had a very up-and-down season last year. Let’s focus on the most important fantasy position, the running backs. I’m going to exclude the players who were injured during the season or rookies who were not Week 1 starters last season. Here’s the most inconsistent RBs who were full-time starters:

Phillip Lindsey, Denver Broncos

I like Phillip Lindsey. I think he’s very underrated by football fans– he was an unheralded rookie who’s recorded back-to-back 1,000 yard rushing campaigns in his first two pro seasons. But as dynamic as he can be, 2019 showed us he has a bit to go before fantasy owners can depend on him week in and week out. Lindsay ranked 30th out of 79 runners in terms of consistency last season. Productive rushing weeks of 90+ yards (weeks 5, 9 and 16) were mixed in with disasters of sub-40 rushing yards (weeks 2, 7 and 15) . Given that the RB situation in Denver remains muddled following the acquisition of Melvin Gordon, I don’t see Lindsay’s consistency improving much in 2020.

Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns

Is Nick Chubb a talented rusher with a bright future ahead of him? Absolutely. But much like Phillip Lindsey, the NFL’s second-leading rusher of 2019 (behind Derrick Henry) was surprisingly unreliable from week to week, ranking 31st out of 79 in Nerd Fantasy Sports Consistency Rankings. Remember– consistency is defined as variance from the average. So while Chubb was somewhat inconsistent, he was inconsistent over a wide range of good performances: he produced an amazing four games with 120+ rushing yards (seven 100+ yard games). He also produced six games of sub-75 yard rushing yards. Unlike Lindsay, Chubb looks to be the man in Cleveland this season– so unless he gets injured, he’ll keep his reps and likely get more dependable for fantasy owners.

Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Jones is another talented young back who can seemingly do it all, displaying skill in both the ground and air games. His consistency, however, is clearly a skill he’s lacking: Jones is in the bottom half of NFL runners when it comes to dependability (48th out of 79). Five weeks of 100+ yards of rushing were interspersed with nine weeks of sub-51 yard rushing. If you were an Aaron Jones owners in 2019, you might have ended up banging your head on a wall or two chasing the good Jones performances.


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Nerd John is a 25+year veteran of fantasy sports journalism. John’s Fantasy Forecast series has won the prestigious Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) award for Best Series, and he’s been nominated as an FSWA Award finalist on nine occasions.

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