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On To The Next One — Trade Deadline Edition

Here’s a look at the players with the easiest playoff schedules. Grab them now before it’s too late.



Welcome to On To The Next One, where I typically look at two under and over performers from the previous week. However, this installment is going to be different. With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, I’m going to list out relevant players that have an easy playoff schedule (NFL Weeks 14-17), and how difficult it would be to trade for them. If you already know you made the playoffs, you may want to pay close attention today.


Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers
Schedule: ATL (32nd), LV (17th), and DEN (15th)
Trade Difficulty: Medium

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Schedule: MIN (23rd), ATL (32nd), and DET (18th)
Trade Difficulty: High

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
Schedule: CLE (22nd), JAX (30th), and NYG (9th)
Trade Difficulty: Medium


Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans
Schedule: JAX (27th), DET (32nd), and GB (30th)
Trade Difficulty: Very High

Aaron Jones / Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers
Schedule: DET (32nd), CAR (28th), and TEN (25th)
Trade Difficulty: Very High / Low

David Montgomery, Chicago Bears
Schedule: HOU (31st), MIN (11th), and JAX (27th)
Trade Difficulty: Medium


Tyler Boyd / Tee Higgins / A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals
Schedule: DAL (31st), PIT (25th), and HOU (22nd)
Trade Difficulty: Medium / High / Low

Allen Robinson / Darnell Mooney, Chicago Bears
Schedule: HOU (22nd), MIN (29th), and JAX (24th)
Trade Difficulty: High / Very Low

Robert Woods / Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams
Schedule: NE (18th), NYJ (21st), and SEA (32nd)
Trade Difficulty: Low / Medium


Noah Fant, Denver Broncos
Schedule: CAR (19th), BUF (27th), and LAC (30th)
Trade Difficulty: Low

Jimmy Graham, Chicago Bears
Schedule: HOU (16th), MIN (T-13th), and JAX (29th)
Trade Difficulty: Low

Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Schedule: MIN, (T-13th), ATL (32nd), and DET (T-13th)
Trade Difficulty: Medium


Arizona Cardinals
Schedule: NYG (28th), PHI (26th), and SF (24th)
Trade Difficulty: Very Low

Cleveland Browns
Schedule: BAL (11th), NYG (28th), and NYJ (32nd)
Trade Difficulty: Low

San Francisco 49ers
Schedule: WSH (30th), DAL (29th), and ARI (9th)
Trade Difficulty: Low

Holden is a young writer with an avid passion for sports. He is currently a sophomore at CUNY Queens College. Holden has worked on multiple publications including Hardwood and Hollywood, The Knight News, and the Long Island Herald. He would prefer if you don’t mention Super Bowl 52.

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