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The Lowdown – Finding Value

Avoiding family and friends, searching for value players and avoiding busts, in this edition of The Lowdown.



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Welcome to the first Lowdown of the 2021 NFL season. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Back for Another Rodeo
Another off-season of doubt, another season of relenting to my need to be heard… yes, I’m back for another NFL season. While I’m sure that was a collective groan I just heard from you, I really don’t care. As long as I have the energy, writing about fantasy football, doing all the research, digging through data, etc. gives me an excuse to hide from the world (oddly enough). Whenever my wife starts complaining about wanting to go out and meet people or do something “fun”, I have an excuse to decline and lock myself in my office for 12 hours at a time. Can’t go to brunch with my in-laws… got work to do!

Anyway, I’m feeling strong this season… I’ve already cranked out a bunch of Fantasy Forecasts to help you with your drafts (you really should give them a look, they’re pretty good according to family members and NFS employees); hopefully, you’ll find whatever drivel spills out below to be helpful as well.

Finding Value
This article won’t be about “sleepers”, but rather about value. That’s a subtle difference, but one folks often miss. Sleepers are players no one expects to do well, while Value is about getting a better return on your investment for a player. As you’ll see below, some of the players I highlight below will outperform their average draft position (ADP) and some will not (despite the fact that they might still be serviceable for your team). It’s all about maximizing your roster’s value! Got it? Good, ’cause here we go…

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Nerd John is a 25+year veteran of fantasy sports journalism. John’s Fantasy Forecast series has won the prestigious Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) award for Best Series, and he’s been nominated as an FSWA Award finalist on nine occasions.

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