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Doctor’s Tent: Week 11

How worried should we be about Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones injury? And farewell, Robert Woods, we hardly knew what you could be.



Fantasy Football - Aaron Jones

Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta Falcons
Calvin Ridley has been out for quite some time now, and his absence has really been felt by the Atlanta Falcons, especially after their Week 10 43-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Falcons probably still would’ve lost that game, but they’d at least put some more points on the board if Ridley were there. Through the five games he’s played, Calvin Ridley totals 31 receptions on 52 targets, 281 yards, and a touchdown, with his longest play of the being 22 yards. If he were to continue like this, he’d be on pace for just 955 yards and approximately seven touchdowns. Of course, that’s not bad at all, but we all expected much more than that, since he’s supposed to be the number one option on that offense.

Of course, we all understand that everyone needs a mental health break, and hopefully when he returns he’ll be back on track.

Ridley is expected to be out against New England on Thursday Night Football too. It’s entirely possible that he doesn’t come back at all this season, especially if the Falcons show no hope of even contending for a playoff spot. But that’s pretty unlikely, and I doubt Arthur Smith would allow him to step away too much longer. When Calvin Ridley comes back, expect him to be better than ever, especially after this long break.

Aaron Jones, RB, Green Bay Packers
Aaron Jones has had a great season so far, not only on the ground, but also in the air. He totals 541 yards over 123 attempts, with three touchdowns, and that’s just running the ball: Jones has 37 receptions for 47 targets, 298 yards and four touchdown receptions. Unfortunately, he was taken out of the Green Bay Packers’ match-up against the Seattle Seahawks after suffering a knee injury. Now, Jones is listed as “doubtful” for the Packers’ divisional battle against the Minnesota Vikings.

I don’t see this injury being a long-term concern, but definitely start looking for running backs to replace Aaron Jones for Week 11, just in case.

DeVante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins
At the beginning of the season, the Miami Dolphins were supposed to have a solid wide receiver room, with DeVante Parker, Will Fuller, and Jaylen Waddle. But with Fuller out for the season, and DeVante out for a few weeks now, the Dolphins have relied on guys like Myles Gaskin and Mike Gesicki to step it up. And they’ve done a decent job, but it’s really hard to run an offense off of a running back and a tight end (unless you’re the Baltimore Ravens, of course).

DeVante Parker is eligible to return Week 12 against the Panthers, which might be too long for some of you. But he might be solid at the flex during the playoffs, especially if you play in a crowded league. I’d let him fill up that spot on IR unless we see a serious breakout from Jaylen Waddle.

Miles Sanders, RB, Philadelphia Eagles
Miles Sanders went from being in the conversation of top ten running back last season, to barely even top 20 this year. But it’s not his fault: The Philadelphia Eagles simply refuse to use him, even when they really need to. He only has 63 carries this year for 300 yards and no touchdowns. You can’t really have a fantasy running back that doesn’t see the end zone, which is why he’s been a huge fantasy disappointment.

On top of all that, he’s landed on IR a few weeks ago. However, he’s expected to return against the New Orleans Saints. In his absence, the Eagles have used Jordan Howard, Kenneth Gainswell, and Boston Scott as replacements in the run game, but they don’t really heed the same results as Sanders. Maybe Nick Sirianni will opt to use Miles Sanders more this week, so that Jalen Hurts can have a run game to rely on. I’d give Miles one more chance, from a fantasy perspective.

Robert Woods, WR, Los Angeles Rams
What a coincidence: The same day the Los Angeles Rams sign Odell Beckham Jr, their WR2 Robert Woods tears his ACL. With Woods out for the season, could Odell be a solid replacement? We might find out in tonight’s Rams vs 49ers match-up, we might not.

But one thing that’s for sure is that Robert Woods is out for the season. That’s good news (from a fantasy perspective, I’m not a monster) for those who have Cooper Kupp on their team, since that just means he’s only gonna get the ball more than he already has. That’s obviously bad news for those of you with Woods on your roster. It’s time to start looking for a replacement, and if you haven’t found one yet for tonight, you might as well pick up Van Jefferson.

Chase Edmonds, RB, Arizona Cardinals
Chase Edmonds was placed on IR on Saturday, leaving him out for the Carolina Panthers’ upset of the Arizona Cardinals. He’s expected to be back to play the Los Angeles Rams at home. But that might not matter for you, since his season has been pretty disappointing anyway.

The Cardinals have a pretty crowded offense: Deandre Hopkins, Christian Kirk, Rondale Moore, Zach Ertz, and James Conner, – not to mention Kyler Murray himself – are all weapons on this offense that are forced to split targets. Not only that, but basically everyone else has out performed him, especially his fellow running back James Conner who totals 125 attempts for 493 yards and 11 touchdowns (the most in the NFL) to Edmonds’ 76 attempts for 430 yards and just one touchdown. Although he comes back in three weeks, he might not even be worth a roster spot by then. If you have a more important player on IR right now, you might should consider cutting Chase Edmonds.

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