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Doctor’s Tent: Week 12

It’s been tough for the Arizona Cardinals not having DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray. Here’s an update on where the duo is.



Fantasy Football - DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Arizona Cardinals
DeAndre Hopkins has officially missed all of November, and hasn’t played since he left the game early in the Arizona Cardinals’ Week 8 loss to the Green Bay Packers. And his stats have been pretty solid, averaging 4.7 receptions over 6.7 targets, 60 yards, and one touchdown per game in his first seven matchups, excluding Week 8. However, his numbers last season were much better, as he averaged 8.1 receptions over 10.4 targets, 100.6 yards, and 0.42 touchdowns per game. Although he didn’t find the end zone as much, he had almost twice as many receptions and over 40 yards more per game. And it’s not entirely his fault: As I said, Hopkins works in a crowded offense, and he’s naturally not going to get as many receptions. But once he comes back, he will get those important red zone receptions, which are really the most important receptions for a receiver in fantasy.

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals
The Arizona Cardinals have been pretty injury ridden, as they’re missing their star quarterback and star wide receiver for a few weeks now. And as large as an impact as it’s had on the Cardinals, many fantasy managers have felt their fair share as well, as they’ve been forced to bench their starting quarterback for the past three weeks. Not only that, but Murray was in the MVP conversation before his injury. Now they face a bye week, so that should give some time for Kyler to recover. Plus, everyone who’s been forced to look for a backup for the past few weeks are probably used to it by now, and should have no problem doing so for one more week. And when it comes fantasy playoff time, Kyler Murray should be able to put up some big numbers to help you win.

Kareem Hunt, RB, Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland Browns are now facing a large decline, after a way-too-close win over the Detroit Lions, and a blowout loss to the New England Patriots in back to back weeks. Kareem Hunt has been out for quite some time though, so his return should be pretty crucial to their offense. It should also be pretty big for those who have him on their roster, since they’ve been forced to place him on IR for a few weeks. When healthy, Hunt was consistently a top ten running back in fantasy football, since he was able to rack up a lot of receptions, and a lot of red zone touches. Once Kareem Hunt returns, I expect similar production as he had before his injury.

Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland Browns
Jarvis Landry has had a pretty slow season so far, as he totals just 27 receptions over 42 targets, 245 yards, and no receiving touchdowns in his seven games played: He’s only found the end zone twice, and they were both on the ground. However, he did put up some solid number against Detroit on Sunday with four receptions, 26 receiving yards, and a 16 yard rushing touchdown. But I don’t expect any consistency from Landry anytime soon, unless the Cleveland Browns can really show the world that they want to turn it around this season. It might be smart to keep Landry as an option on the bench, but I can’t really see him as a reliable starter on your fantasy lineup, unless you play in a 12+ man league. Even then, he’d be more of a flex option.

CeeDee Lamb, WR, Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys have been pretty inconsistent over the past three weeks, transitioning from a massive upset loss to the Denver Broncos, to a 43-3 blowout victory against the Atlanta Falcons, and back to a disappointing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. And as if Sunday evening couldn’t get any worse, CeeDee Lamb had to leave the game early due to a concussion. Now the Cowboys face the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving, and it looks like he won’t be able to recover that quickly. I recommend looking for a quick, short-term replacement for CeeDee Lamb before it’s too late

AJ Brown, WR, Tennessee Titans
The Tennessee Titans are one of the most confusing teams in football: They manage to pull off impressive wins against the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Rams, yet suffer embarrassing losses to the New York Jets and Houston Texans. And the already very injured Titans just suffered another massive injury, as wide receiver AJ Brown suffered a chest injury against the Texans on Sunday. Now, the Titans face a red hot New England Patriots, with the potential of going in without Julio Jones, Derrick Henry, and now potentially AJ Brown. Although he has a full week to recover, it might be smart to think about other options at wide receiver, just in case.

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