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The Lowdown – Week 12

Perpetual losers, charismatic charlatans, delicious keto sides, being thankful and the Interesting Players of the Week, in this edition of the Lowdown.



Fantasy Football - Daniel Jones

Welcome to this edition of the Lowdown. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Being Thankful
As is customary this time of year, I’ll take some time to relate the things I’m thankful for in my life. Of course, I’m thankful for my family and friends; for our continued good health in the midst of a pandemic that way too many rubes continue to treat like some sort of a political prank; for the ability to earn a living doing things that are relatively enjoyable to do. I’m also thankful for plenty of roasted turkey and my wife’s ability to conjure up delicious 100% keto stuffing and gravy to accompany it.

It’s also the time of year where I get to point out all the things that I could do without in my life. Things like NFL teams that just don’t get it, like the Giants, Jets and Lions; these teams seem to have perfected the art of remaining non-competitive in an age of parity in the NFL. Some remain horrible by holding on to antiquated ideas about how to build a team (Giants), some by horrible leadership (Jets) and others by somehow screwing up every phase of the team-building process (Lions). Time to blow things up, boys. There’s other things about the NFL I could do without, like tie games, offsetting penalties, the limited scope of replay challenges, and the continued watering down of what was once the greatest sport on the planet. But I suppose that all things considered, I’m thankful for having the NFL to fill up a significant percentage of my leisure time.

I could also do without all the insanity being generated by the various idiots in this country who always seem to rise to positions of power, only to once again prove Lord Acton’s postulate about power and corruption. Most of all, I could do without the lack of critical thinking in the world, where all it takes to convince folks that a pizza shop is a front for a pedophile ring or that we can all get wealthy by spending more than we earn is a website link and a charismatic charlatan.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and look forward to this time next year, when we can all once again gather to give Thanks in peace and health.

Teams on bye this week: Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs.

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