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In-Season Nerdy Fantasy Football Data Tools

The Nerds are constantly developing new ways to look at player data so you can DOMINATE your league!

New Age RankingsThe New Age Rankings (NAR) were developed three years ago, and represent all players valued on the basis of position played, scoring and consistency.

Consistency Rankings (CR) – Our CRs instantly tell you who the most consistent players are, determined statistically — not by hunches or anecdotal evidence.

Receiver Target DataFactor in receptions that go for first downs (indicates trust in the receiver), “chunk plays” (pass plays that go for 20+ yards), and reception percentage (good hands), and you’re using our Nerdy Target Data to spot diamonds in the rough.

Fantasy Points AllowedFigure out exactly how many fantasy points each team allows to opposing positions!

Weekly Fantasy Forecast – We forecast the relative standing of each player when compared to his peers; that way, you have an easy way to make decisions about which players to start this week.

Nerds’ Concierge Service – Trade proposals, lineup questions, who to stack, league issues… it doesn’t matter! Our Nerds will respond to your questions within 24 hours (but usually in less time).

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