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Nerd Quotients

Welcome to one of our latest innovations, the Nerd Quotient (NQ). The NQ is a Nerd Fantasy Sports proprietary method of ranking player performance. It is a weighted, blended ranking with the following:

– A Performance component, which looks at the probability that a player would outperform any other player at the same position in any given matchup;
– A Consistency component, the probability that a player will perform as expected in a given matchup;
– A Durability component, the probability that a player will complete an entire NFL season;

The NQ is expressed in three ways:

NQ (Game): the Nerd Quotient for any given week. Similar to “per game” metrics;
NQ (Season): the Nerd Quotient for the entire NFL season. Similar to aggregate metrics;
NQ (Overall): the blended Nerd Quotient for the player. Similar to value metrics.

Take a look at the NQ for all qualifying players (offensive and defensive) from last year to get a feel for this innovative new ranking metric!

Sample 2020 QB Nerd Quotient (NQ) Rankings

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