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Nerdy NFL Gaming Forecast – Results

Can you say “Better investment than the S&P500”? The NERDS can! Track the Nerds’ NFL sports betting results here!



Here’s the results of NFL sports betting recommendations. As you can see, to say that the Nerds have done a great job so far is, well… an understatement.

What’s our secret? The Nerds put their high IQs to work, creating multiple different models that analyze gigabytes of data. Once our models provide a consensus result, we then calculate a risk-adjusted amount for each wager.

Only after we have model consensus and adjusted risk/reward amounts do we then formally make a recommendation. If our models cannot come to a consensus agreement on a wager– or if the payoff of the wager does not justify the risk–we do not make a recommendation on that wager.

Remember: it’s not gambling… when you have a NERD working for you!

To see the the Nerds’ recommendations for this week, click here.

Week 10 Results:
Spread:  5 of 10 (50%) , $50 loss
Moneyline: 6 of 11 (63%), $131 loss
Over/Under: 3 of 8 (38%), $26 loss
Season to Date ($1000 initial bankroll):
Spread: 50 of 90 (56%), $148 loss
Moneyline: 69 of 104 (67%), $49 profit
Over/Under: 34 of 11 (57%), $241 profit
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